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arran beattie

i thought it was a different experience and i found it harder than i expected it to be, but i did enjoy it. i think that now we've done it once that perhaps next time it will be easier and all we need is emma to show us what to do. thank you


1.The most difficlut part of the day was decideing what to to and how to do it. Also the organising of the little bits and pieces in audacity or whatever it was called!
2.A longer time to do the whole process and to get over the problem orhard part you could give a longer time to sort things out !
3.The end of the day when everything had come together and you could hear your show all put together and working was a proud moment :P!

It was a generally good day .. Thank you Miss Pallut for taking Pheobe , Arran and I

Phoebe Kirkwood

I really enjoyed getting together with the other schools to take part in this event and it was alot of fun.here are my comments.

1.the most difficult part of the day was getting started.it was hard trying to get a final idea but it was fine once we had done that.

2.maybe giving a presentation on the different ways to approach the task

3.i really liked the recording and then listening to the final result because it felt like you had achieved alot.


I also thought it was harder than i expected and think it was a learning process and EVERYONE did quite well to produce the podcast in such a short space of time.. and they wern't that bad..
p.s to arran Geek boy hehe

Ewan McIntosh

Hi guys!
I really enjoyed working with you all and was able to impress about 200 people in different conferences later that week with your work.

They were also really surprised to see how well you thought through the process afterwards. Phoebe, your comment about providing more ideas about how to approach the task beforehand interests me. Quite often in school we do tell you how to approach a task. This time we didn't. What you produced was, I think, far better than anything I/we could have suggested, even if it was more difficult for you to come up with the ideas.

What do you think it would be like in your French class if more challenges were given but the 'how to get there' was left more or less up to you? Really interested to hear what you and the others have to say. Thanks!

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