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SLBeijing-pre trip

  • Learning_hard
    Some photos of the group during the run up to the trip.


  • Ella_jt_at_airport_in_paris
    A few photos of our journey to China!

SLBeijing-July 15th

  • Jt_kate_hannah_waiting_for_dinner
    Our first day at the High School affiliated to Peking University

SLBeijing-July 16th

  • Banner
    Our first real day. (Opening Ceremony & Meal at Restaurant)

SLBeijing-July 17th

  • Group_photo_in_art_class
    Language lessons, Chinese painting and Tai Chi

SLBeijing - July 20th

  • End_of_show
    Lessons, Tai Chi and Acrobatic Show

SLBeijing - July 29th

  • Miss_semper_and_her_pearls
    The Lama Temple, Jing Shan Park and the Pearl Market

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