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Hi David,

Thank you for your comments regarding Woerter der Woche, for the listing and for the link to your podcast, which I listened to with interest. Regards, Helen

David Noble


I have reviewed the Wörter der Woche bank of podcasts during my most recent podcast - #39 at http://booruch.libsyn.com. Your podcast has also just been listed at www.podcastdirectory.org.uk

H Duncan

Hi Volker

Many thanks for your comment on Woerter der Woche and my apologies for the delay in replying. I have written you a reply with my e mail addresses attached which I will likewise now send you via e mail (hope it works!).

Just in case anyone else is interested though, here is my reply 'in a nutshell':

WderW is something I came up with fairly recently - largely as an early exam revision aid - as such it is still 'under construction' and any feedback is most welcome.

I agree that 1 or 2 of the lists are on the long side - however I was a bit cheeky with WderW3 - trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone by getting my classes to familiarise themselves with a point of grammar as well as keep up the regular revision.

Big thank you for your comment re effective vocab drilling - I agree with you in principle although I would also add that I feel that the length/intensity is hugely dependant on the level and age of the person/group/class in question. WderW is a system which I intend (and hope) pupils to personalise according to their own needs and learning styles.

In the spirit of the above, I do not give pupils traditional 'vocab tests' in class, but rather give them the opportunity to self-assess and improve by practising the vocab they have learned during class time.

Finally I was interested to read your comment about the order in which the vocab is presented (German word, spelling, English meaning) - there was no explicit reason for this except that it seemed to make sense at the time. On reconsideration, I still feel it makes sense.

I would welcome any further input on this, from anyone - especially my pupils - that is, if they have stayed awake long enough to read this rant!

Thanks again Volker. I'll e mail you the full version just now.


Helen Duncan

Adam Sutcliffe

Hi Volker

Many thanks for your comments. I have emailed you a reply with my personal email address so you can contact me more easily.


Hi Adam, just got the link via Joe Dale's blog and I must say I'm impressed with the amount of work you've put into this. I'm doing a piece of action research on using podcasting in Spanish teaching (I was inspired by Joe Dale's conference in Oct 06) and would like to ask you a few questions if you don't mind. Maybe this should be done via e-mail rather than your blog?! Anyway, to comment on your German podcasts: the quality of the recordings is excellent and I like the news type music at beg and end. What in your experience are the benefits of recording the spellings of the TL words in German before saying what they mean? Have you found any issues with lower ability sets and attention span? Do your students look at the sheets at the same time as they are listening?
My own initial thoughts on making vocab learning recordings are these:
To drill effectively I believe that words should be repeated a couple of times and that after introducing 3-4 TL words they should be revisited in a random order to challenge short term recall and build up confidence - make it a game and a challenge to keep interest higher? There should not be more than 8-10 words/phrases in any one recording, 5 for lower sets.
Anyway, I hope my comments are useful and constructive and I hope I can exchange ideas with you in future.

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