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Susan and Andrew

Happy Birthday Lynsey! Should have a great one if the first few days are anything to go by. Listened to your 1-20 but can't remember 16! Know you're all hot but at least you have air con


hi there thanks for all your info.having fun looking at all the photos so far . can't wait to see the dancing .we're sure they would like a demo at the next disco!!!


Happy Birthday lynsey, glad to see you're not having a miserable time.........
Looks fabulous , you're welcome to your dinner today though.
Love the parasols, looks like there's plenty of retail therapy on offer, remember the size of your case Laura.
Lets see Thea in some photos...
Struggle on..


Fantastic seeing the video - I feel as if I'm there with you and the temperatures and humidity in Scotland at the moment help! Keep enjoying yourselves and keep learning!

Stuart Wilson

Hi Everybody

I'm really enjoying all the info you are blogging. It brings back happy memories of when I was in Kunming last year with Grange Academy.
Keep on supplying us with news!!!

What's your favourite food so far?

Susan Aad Andrew

Hope you had a good Birtday Lynz.Tried to phone but with no luck!! Number not recognised .SOB SOB!!!
Love M&Dxx

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