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2E1 homework

  • Andrew
    Here is a display of work of class 2E1 (2nd year German). Below is the task they were asked to complete. "Write a short letter to our new German assistant Benjamin (in German). I will ask Benjamin to pick the best letter, and there will be a small prize. Must be handed in by 12th September. You must mention the following things: Introduce yourself Talk about what you like and don't like to do (hobbies) One or two of your favourite things. Where you live (describe the area you live in and your house/flat) What you do in the different rooms in your house, how do you help at home? Describe your bedroom."

2E1 Montrose Posters

  • 2E1 Were asked to design a poster about Montrose, to tell visitors what there is there, and what you can and can't do. Well done to Naomi, Daniel and Kieran M for the winning entry!

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April 27, 2007



ii lol i go out with mates , sleep, watch t.v go on the computer, and i go 2 cadets on monday and thursday nights

Sarah Dunbar

In meiner Freizeit mag ich aus mit meinen Freunden gehen und gehe und besuche mein Pferd.

Yehhhh. ;]


hallo ich spelie fussball und ich farhe rad ich finde ist very gut ;)


ich fahre gern rad und ich spiele fussball im meiner freizeit!!!!!!!!!! :)

sam riddock

In meiner Freizeit gehe ich 2 Kirchen und bete für wourld Frieden


ich speile golf

i do lots of different things and i lay rugby and guitar

Ich gehe aus und ich spiele Rugby und Spiel gitarre


i play football and go swimming and go out drinkin at the weekends..:)

Louise West

Ich gehe meine freunden ich gehe einkaufen.

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