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2E1 homework

  • Andrew
    Here is a display of work of class 2E1 (2nd year German). Below is the task they were asked to complete. "Write a short letter to our new German assistant Benjamin (in German). I will ask Benjamin to pick the best letter, and there will be a small prize. Must be handed in by 12th September. You must mention the following things: Introduce yourself Talk about what you like and don't like to do (hobbies) One or two of your favourite things. Where you live (describe the area you live in and your house/flat) What you do in the different rooms in your house, how do you help at home? Describe your bedroom."

2E1 Montrose Posters

  • 2E1 Were asked to design a poster about Montrose, to tell visitors what there is there, and what you can and can't do. Well done to Naomi, Daniel and Kieran M for the winning entry!

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June 17, 2007


Ewan McIntosh

Sorry to hear you are heading off - it's been great seeing the work of your students this past year. I hope that the dept continue the work you've started and that your new school embrace the new technology you've been employing with such great effect.

Joe Dale

Thanks for setting this blog up Neil. I've really enjoyed reading it over the last year and I look forward to hearing about your new one.

Good luck in your new post and hopefully you've sowed the seed at Montrose to let the blogging continue.

All the best


Adam Sutcliffe

Best wishes for the future Neil. Hope your new school supports you in your work.
Good luck

Eva Forbes

WOW! I would never have guessed you were a probationer! I hope they realised how lucky they were to have you!


Thanks for helping us set up our weblog.You've been a real inspiration! I'm certain you'll wow them down South. Happy blogging!

Jodi T

I wish you all the best at your next school and I will look out for a new blog from there.

Viel Gluck!

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