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Thea Pallut

Sounds like a great idea. I teach French at Grantown Grammar in the Highlands and have just set up our own blog with the same thing in mind. Today I got S2 students to record themselves speaking and we listened to it and discussed it. Unfortunately no time to post our thoughts. But I really like th idea of rating mates. I may try the same thing if you don't mind and we can compare results. I am doing S4 role-play speaking assessments next week and will record them each separately and get the students to comment.

Adam Sutcliffe

Thanks for that Thea. The Rate My My Mates blog should be live by Monday if not Friday.

Try Neil Currans Montrose blog, he is doing similar stuff.


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    Le quatre mai etait non seulement la journee des guerres des etoiles (May the fourth be with you!!!!!!!!!!!!) mais nous avons aussi battu le record du monde pour planter le plus d'arbrea dans une heure. Plus de 18,000 arbres dans 40 minutes. on aurait pu planter d'avantage mais il ne restait plus de terrain.

Cultural Xtra 2006

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    These photos were taken during a day of culturally themed events which took plce in our school on Monday 12th june 2006. The event was organised by Adam Sutcliffe, a languages teacher at the school, and featured tutors from Multiethnic Aberdeen Ltd. MeAL exists to help schools and other organisations promote awareness of the different cultures which exist in Aberdeen City and Shire. Students took part in Thai and African dance, African Cookery and rap writing and hip hop dance and as can be seen from the photos they thouroughly enjoyed it.

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