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Radio Umlaut I think there discription was pretty good and they tried really hard but you couldnt hear them properly and another disagrey is They did'nt have enough speech acording to me.


I think it was very good the language was good & the way they said the words was very good exept i could hardly hear them thats the only thing wrong


stid i liked musik and i could hear the interviewer clearly i could not hear the first person who was intervied

alex coper

radio dj deutch itwas good and iwas able to understand it. the bad reason is that they could have made it a bit longer

Callum Pert

radio jhmm was allright
they spoke loud clearly and i think i heard paper?


Sie waren sehr gut. I think that it's great that you get to do this sort of thing. I'm sure it's fun and helps you feel more confident about speaking in a foreign language. well done.


Radio jhmm was really good!they spoke clearly and their music was funkeee!but they could have had shorter breaks in between different people speaking.
oh, and i didnt get to speak, because i was off that day! *sob sob*
ah well, i'll survive, toodles noodles! xxx


STIT had good speaking and I liked the music but they should let everyones talking-time even out a bit.
Bye now....................


oh no wait sorry rebecca did speak, but still not enough. ill stop writing comments now! :o)


oh yeah, im not finished yet. Radio STID was impressive (faye sounded so innocent when she said hello!!) viviennne could have spoken a bit louder but alex and faye were prima! they all were really. niall, aoifes, rebeccas and williams show was good too (i forgot the name!) but i think nialls part was too big and not everyone got a say. i hardly heard aoife and rebecca speak at all. but i was really good too!!


hey! its works now! woo! anyway, im commenting on the happy billiards show. first off i thought it was very good, but they didnt say tchusch! at the same time. but theyr lil jingle at the start was awesome!
hannah x

Callum strachan

The radio show i am writing about is the happy billiards.The good things were it was clear and loud, the bad bit was when they spoke English but it was good apart from that. see ya


I Thought happy billards were Very Good And Well Presented ! But i Think Callum S Was a Bit To Queit i could'nt hear him but it was very good

Prima! :P !

From *+*Megan*+* xx

Chazy Chalmers

i think Download radio jhmm done good
they spoke clear, they done the stuff but i heard paper in the background!!
try it without paper


The happy billards was pretty good they had a good tune at the start.Also there voices were clear. One thng that could be improved was they didn't say tuchs at the same time.

Michael. V

I'm commenting on Radio STID, it was good, I liked the music, and they had a lot of good German. I think they could improve by letting Vivienne and Faye talk a bit more.
See Ya

P.S. sorry if I spelt Vivienne's name wrong.

Rebecca Cruden

I think radio nein name was very good and spoke clearly and well.They did a excellent job.Even though there was a thud in the middle of it but that was not your fault.


The people that were speaking could at least a bit louder but there music was ,,,, interesting and they spoke clear german in Adams group

William l

i was writing about the happy billiards

 Michael A

I was writing about DJ Deutsch


Dj Deutch was very good and easy to understand as it was not to fast. It also had a great backing tune. The only thing they could improve on was the amount each person said


hey hey i am commenting on radio umlaut i think there spoke clearly and and it was not all one person speaking.but they could improve on the speed of there show.

bye for now

william law

fun to listen to
intresting sports
speak more clearer


Ha ha!! that was so funny when nathan did that wierd voice at the begining! The 2 good things in this radio thing is the music and thier german. And the thing i think they should improve on is when they spoke english like in the middle of it! But it was good apart from that! yeah so chow 4 now!!!


Thanx Mr Curran!
It is weird 2 hear yourself on this!! chow 4 now!

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