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I thought the french elphant was good becuase there french was really goood and i liked th way they translated it into English.
The only thing i would say was not the best was that you could not hear it at times.


i choose araignee good tune good french but could of done without the laughing at the end


it is pretty good exept the bit at the end of the song.


pippa and the pipets it was very loud and i thought it was a catchy song it could be a bit clearler


katys grop were relly good and clear.
it was a bit quiet.


the french elephants it had a cathy tune and it had good french in it but sometimes you could not understand the words.


I'm reviewing thw french elephants and i thought it was very clear and loud. I'm not sure how you could improve. very good!


sarah,rachael,isla and natalie
.clear words
.song fits
.but need to work on everyone singing together


Nice and catchy. very nice tune a bit simple but really good


ace tune
good timeing
but they repeat the same thing over again ?

Cameron Munro

Cameron Munro
Review on Tha _Bombdiglely

1. The singing was really good and the music was ace, I really liked it!

2. However the song was a little bit boring and it could have had more words in it.


I thought that the tune was good and it was very well thought out my one pointer is to try not to mess up on the words

The elaphant song was OK there was alot of thought put in to the song and i can now under stand genders a bit beter th only reason i picked it was becuase in peresonal opion it was the best there is only one thing i didnt understand the last bit. Hi mrs Duncan bye


The french elephant song was extremaly well done.The idea of doing the song in french and english made it easy to understand the words as well as the great pronousination. A point they could work on would be to make the song fit in better with the music.


The French elephants song was extremaly well done. The idea of doing it in english as well as french. Made it very easy to know what all the words they were singing in french were in english. another good point was the prononsiasion of the word they were very clear. A point they could work on would be makeing the music fit in beter with the singing song (singing).


This song has a nice beat and is quite catchy, it also includes a lot of the animals in French.
I thought it could have explained a bit more about the Feminine and Masculine words.


thier french was very good must of tried very hard. also liked how the 2nd time they spoke in english

could have practiced to stay together because at some points you did not know what they were saying


I chose Bombdiglely.

The tune was catchy.
I could hear everyone singing clearly.

There wasent allot of singing it was mostly the background music.


I liked the chourus it was catchy and the drumming was good!!

But some bits were a bit quiet!

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